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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 30, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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after breaking out of maximum security prison. we have the details. and who's the highest paid celebrity this year, and how much did they take home? a lot more than i did. we'll reveal the spryurprising makeup of top five earners. it's 5:30 east and 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ ♪ good morning everyone. it's tuesday, june 30th. i'm ayman. i'm one of the view not running for republican nomination for president. new mor chris christie is. he'll become the 14th republican to formally declare for the white house today. the kickoff event in his high school gym will be the same as numerous he kicked off as governor.
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donald trump is campaigning today the day after nbc cut ties for these controversial comments. >> when mexico sends its people they're not sending they're best. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of robs. they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. some i assume are good people. >> after an outcry, nbc entertainment responded quote due to recent derogatory statements by trump regarding immigrants nbc universal is ending the business relationship with mr. trump. to that end, the annual miss usa and miss universe will no longer air on nbc. the company said it was moving on with the long-running show "the apprentice" without trump. trump came out with this stance.
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>> when i come out with strong immigration stance. i'm strong on borders and crime. i'll probably lose nbc on the way. that's fine. i'll bring a lawsuit against them. he talked about the confident flag has a former governor. >> i decided to do something politically incorrect. i decide odd remove the flags. i was governor and i figured i could do it and did. i took them off the premises and put them where i thought they should be in the museum of florida history, where our heritage can be respected. the symbols that divided the south many many ways the symbols used in modern history, not perhaps at the beginning of the time but the symbols were racist. >> the u.s. supreme court closed out the term yesterday with more major decisions on three hot
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button issues. the court snapped a streak for the obama administration. the ruling says the environmental protection agency overstepped bounds. it also found the drug for lethal injection does not violate cruel and unusual punishment. >> oklahoma started pumping lethal drugs in the arm of this convicted suspect. death penalty opponents sued saying the first of three drugs failed to render him unconscious giving him intense pain cruel and unusual punishment. by 5-4 vote the supreme court reject had. the constitution doesn't guarantee a painless excuse. he said the challengers failed to offer a less painful
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alternative. in an unusual move four justices spoke up in the courtroom in what turned out to be a did debate about capital punishment itself. peter said it's highly likely the death penalty, to matter how it's carried out, violates the constitution. >> one said it may be the chemical equivalent of being burned at the stake. another said welcome to groundhog day. clarence thomas wrote the court should look again for making death penalty mandatory for some crimes. >> at supreme court passions are high when justices read from the bench. when four do you know it's basically a nuclear fight. >> a texas law said to go in effect tomorrow has been put on hold. in another 5-4 decision is the court delayed requirements for abortion clinics. opponents say the law would have
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closed allel by nine in the nation's second most populated state. they receive more time to prepare their legal challenge. after months of battling with his own party, president obama signed into law two bills giving him authority to negotiate international trade deals. this provides assistance to workers with jobs displaced. "the huffington post" released the article. the rule change would increase the salary will threshold for those that qualify in time and a half to just over $50,000. currently the law applies to those making under $24,000 annually. political reports the change could raise wages for as many as 5 million people. conservatives and business groups are opposed warning it will hinder job creation. let's turn to business. brutal day for stocks monday. dow plunged 350 points biggest point loss in two years amid a
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global selloff. fears intensify greece could leave the eurozone. atms limit withdrawals to 60 euros per day. what happens at midnight tonight when the deadline expires for greece to submit a loan payment to imf? >> well they will effectively be many default of the imf agreement ayman. that's the problem as far as markets are concerned at the moment. no one is quite sure where pit goes from there on in. currently we have edgy trade in european markets. people are trying to figure out what will be the consequences of greece not making that payment. immediately, probably very few, because they are in a program with the imf. they are a part of the eurozone still. they're in an ecb program.
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there will be support for the banks and there won't be any immediate collapse of the greek financial system. it will clearly heap further pressure on markets who are nervous about contagious many europe from a greek debt default. greek not the only issue as far as markets are concerned. they're watching puerto rico and concerns the governor came out and said the island will not be able to meet its own debt obligations. they have debt out standing of $73 billion. that story has gone all the way up to the white house. we understand that the white house is urging congress to have a look at what special measures might be implemented as far as puerto rico is concerned. is there a chance for them perhaps to go to chapter 9 bankruptcy proceedings that apply to municipalities?
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this is under consideration. right now it looks as though there's little progress really on how we help puerto rico at this stage. this will keep markets nervous going forward. back to now. >> no doubt the global economy will have this. thank you. let's turn to fugitive david sweat now in stable condition and opening up to police about his escape from a maximum security prison. cuomo said sweat and matt planned to drive to mexico with joyce mitchell's car upon the escape from the clinton correctionalle correctionalle correctional facility. the two convicts decided to head north for the canadian border. >> when mitchell doesn't show up, the mexico plan gets foiled. he head north towards canada. and sweat actually disengaged
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from matt about five days ago. sweat felt that matt was slowing him down as a matter of fact. >> meanwhile, prison guard gene palmer appeared in court monday. he said to have transferred escape tools to the prisoners inside ground beef. he's pled not guilty to tampering with physical evidence and official misconduct. according to the clinton county da sweat told investigator ares the only employee involved in the escape was mitchell. she too has pleaded not guilty. now to south carolina where a survey of state legislators is revealing there's enough to remove the confederate flag from state house grounds. the charleston post and courier surveyed state lawmakers and 33 senators and house members said the flag should come down which needs ma jorjority needed in each chamber. they're expected to vote july
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6th. it comes on reports that the kkk has reserved the grounds for a rally next month. the control board tells because his office allows any group, regardless of ideology to reserve the grounds, on a first come basis, they'll be able to hold the event. for the second time in a row, it appears the deadline for a nuclear deal with iran will come and go without agreement. top iranian officials are back in vienna for last minute negotiations as hours remain before the deadline. world powers are admitting diplomats are days from reaching agreement. officials say they're looking to have a deal by july 9th. among the main sticking points if sanctions will be removed immediately or gradually and what kind of access would international inspectors have at iran's sites. that has u.s. and iran saying
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the other country will be to blame if no deal is reached. the white house says it's simply trying to hold to april's preliminary agreement. >> our negotiators continue to pursue serious work. looks like they'll be working overtime to get it done. >> at least 50/50 as it was before since those were the last odds we saw of a deal actually being reached? >> i hesitate to put numbers on it. the thing the president has been clear about is if the iranians refuse to agree to a frame work that's consistent or a final agreement consistent with frame work reached in april, there won't be agreement. >> the white house is denying reports that president obama sent a letter to iran's leader about the deadline. there's concerns the u.s. is making too many concessions to iran. political reports that bob corker recently told secretary
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of state john kerry that he can define his legacy by walking away from a bad deal. wal-mart is apologizing for selling a cake decorated with the isis flag. at the same time refusing to sell a cake with a confederate flag. it all started after a man visited two wal-mart stores and then posted this to youtube. >> rejection letter from wal-mart in louisiana. this is the image i wanted printed. this is the actual receipt. this is the actual receipt from the north shore boulevard store where i bought the isis battlefield cake. >> wal-mart responded saying the worker who handled the the order did not recognize the the picture as the isis flag. the company also reassured everyone that it does not support the terrorist group. still ahead on "way too
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early" forbes reveals the list of highest paid celebrities. a lot of questions for the number eight man on that list, reportedly money laundering for millions of phil mickelson's money. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. ♪ ♪ what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common?
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connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. you are famous for jumping backwards into the end zone. i thought maybe it's a long dream of yours to jump backwards into an end zone filled with skittles. is that in fact your dream marshawn lynch? i just got you the ball. that's the end zone there. the game is on the line.
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>> that was seahawks running back and skittle connoisseur lynch getting to live out a dream on conan last night. i don't know about that. didn't look like a soft landing. thought it would be softer. let's get an update on sports headlines. according to espn "outside the lines," money from phil mickelson was used in a scheme for alleged illegal betting. it was said he wired the funds to a handicap their since pled guilty to counts of money laundering. the five time major winner hasn't been charged with a crime and not currently under investigation. nba free agency begins tonight. a lot of excitement. now expected on list of free agents is none other man miami's dwayne wade that declined to
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pick up the $16 million option next season. wade would average out $60 million over three years. perhaps the league's most coveted free agent is trailblazers aldridge. he's scheduled to meet with several teams beginning with the rockets after the period begins tonight. now to major league baseball. in tampa, rays trail agoing the indians. now he attempts to walk the batter. >> he goes to the backstop. >> painful to watch that. bill sails the pitch over the catcher's head allowing the run tore score from third and extend the cleveland lead. indians win it 7-1. incredible. >> yeah, incredible.
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>> hopefully there won't be bloopers with the weather report. go ahead with weather. >> usually there notare bloopers with weather. yesterday we went through the day unscathed with bad weather. hail in the minneapolis area. fire was the big story yesterday. this happened this time yesterday, sleepy hollow fire in central washington state. this was jumping all over the place. ambers floating in the air were size of quarters. they were sparking fires all over the place. 24 structures were burned in that blaze. that is now a little more under control and away from the residential houses. we'll see rain and thunderstorm action today. showers and storms in pennsylvania. also showers and storms around knoxville, huntsville and rolling down central portions of mississippi. dallas had a line of storms go
2:50 am
through that woke a few of you up. for today, a lot of people at risk for severe weather. not many will experience it. widely scattered strong storms for 59 many million people including the d.c. baltimore, charlotte. east of the mississippi, you have a chance of severe storms today. at worst, the wind damage with strong storms and isolated reports of maybe golf ball size hail. once again the big forecast is concern is more fires today. we keep this time of year monsoonal flow. thunderstorms have the lightning but no rain. you get the worst of both worlds. >> i saw pictures from the sleepy hollow fire. looks heart wrenching. >> that was rough terrain.
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firefighters were in trouble with. that. >> thanks for that update. still ahead, supposed to be a chance for the "50 shades of grey" author to connect with fans on twitter. we'll explain how a live chat backfired in a very big way. ♪ ♪ two streetlights. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed.
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what happens when you take a
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popular author and open her up to social media? let's find out on that and other headlines. for that we go to the control room we find louis. >> twitter can be atough, tough place. the author launched on twitter, and things did not go as she planned. twitter users criticized her writing asking questions such as have you ever held a dictionary? when do you think your writer's block will kick in? that's rough. i'm sure she'll think twice before doing that again. let's go to "forbes" magazine. they have the top paid opponents. mayweather and paq were two top. katy perry wake raked in $135
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million. that's pretty good. finally ayman in my opinion, summer can't last long enough. thankfully we have an extra second to spare according to the universal time that is. the clock goes to 23 hours 59 minutes and 60 seconds before the clock strikes midnight. this leap second helps make up for the irregular rotation of the earth. john oliver wants to help you make the most of it. take a look. >> an extra second doesn't seem like that bill of a deal. you can get a lot done. you can spoil the endings of classic movies. dude is dead. kich opinionentchen remodel still in progress but on track. we want you to enjoy your extra second tuesday. we've purchased spend your leap
2:56 am and uploaded the one second videos. here's an unside down sloth making a weird sound. that's a great second. you just spent that second very well. i'll give you another. here's mariah carey's dog that got in a fight with mariah carey's cat during a taping of cribs episode. that's more important of a second than the big bang was. >> check out that website. the countdown clock is on for tonight's leap second. i'm sure that's a second to prepare for the show. we appreciate it. >> i'm going to spend a lot of time on there today during any lunch break. spend your time wisely today my man. that does it for me on "way too early." coming up senator ted cruz joins "morning joe" on set. does he think it's a good idea to rule on same-sex marriage?
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we're live in new jersey chris christie is set to become the 14th candidate for the run for the t 2016 white house. some credit helping the president win re-election. we go to state department spokeswoman marie harf. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" is right up after this. ♪ smoep food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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we have a new candidate for president. chris christy is expected to announce. his slogan is telling it like it is his official campaign hasn't been announced, today they released their first ad. >> olive garden's never ending pasta bowl is back for a limited time. that's the ad? >> come on come on! dpat jokes. come on really. 15 yards, it's still the


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